Tuesday, October 20, 2020


11:30 a.m. CT


Four half-day virtual meetings: Oct. 20, 22, 27 and 29




Clinical-supply integration

Clinical-supply integration is an ongoing, interdisciplinary strategy that informs decision-making to optimize utilization of products or services while eliminating harm, improving outcomes and lowering costs.  Vizient® believes success requires capabilities in four domains of performance: engagement, insights, knowledge and process.

Our new Clinical Supply Integration Workshop provides a framework and useful information to help you begin to implement a system-based approach to remove practice variation around the consumption of medical devices, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Building on the success of the Value Analysis Fundamentals Workshop, our new Clinical Supply Integration Workshop is a multi-day series of virtual sessions led by Vizient subject matter experts and will ultimately help providers advance clinical supply decision making to improve costs, quality and outcomes.

During this workshop, you will obtain guidance and coaching to establish shared ownership and responsibility among physicians, clinicians and supply chain personnel, and apply a consistent process designed to reduce health care waste.

Registration fees, learning objectives and FAQs are available on the registration page.

This event is available exclusively to Vizient members. Contact us to learn how you can gain access to this workshop and other educational opportunities.

Meet our experts

Deborah Roy, RN, BSN, Principal, Vizient

With more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry, Deborah Roy has held numerous leadership roles responsible for the creation, development and measurement of value analysis teams, and clinical supply integration effort consistently exceeding targeted savings projections. In her role as principal at Vizient, Roy leads efforts to assist our members in achieving best practice protocols for how members can optimize clinical integration across all clinical operations. Partnering with organizations to apply accountable, provider-led decision-making principles, she creates governance processes that lead interdisciplinary teams in the development of customized approaches that support clinical and budgetary goals.

Kristi Biltz, CMRP, Consulting Director, Vizient

Kristi uses her more than 25 years of experience in the health care industry to assist hospitals in integrating clinical and supply chain data in a clinical value analysis setting. She helps hospitals improve practice and product variation through a standardized decision-making process supported by evidence and best practice within a culture of continuous process improvement. She created two multi-organization and multi-statewide educational forums for member contract education and networking and currently facilitates the Clinical Quality Value Analysis Education Forum.

Access COVID-19 resources to help your value analysis program

COVID-19 Surge Demand Calculator

Sg2 – a Vizient company – has released a COVID-19 Surge Demand Calculator, a scenario planning tool that calculates market-specific, age-adjusted projections of non-ICU bed, ICU and ventilator demand.

PPE Conservation Impact Calculator

Using this calculator, members can calculate their usage of PPE using several scenarios that can impact burn rate and understand the impact of conservation strategies and model PPE inventory needs accordingly.

Supply chain guide to resuming electively scheduled procedures

As your facility begins to reschedule elective postponed elective procedures, access our guide to help you carefully manage the increased volume while continuing to care for COVID-19 patients and deal with ongoing resource constraints.