Wednesday, December 4, 2019


11:30 a.m. CT


30 minutes




Supply Chain Leadership Series

Part 12 of the 2019 Supply Chain Leadership Series

Join us to hear how Saint Luke's Health System implemented several unique approaches for clinical and supply data integration through its CLABSI, biosurgery and spinal cord stimulation initiatives in order to realize one-year impacts of more than $1.3 million across its five metropolitan hospitals.

These approaches required the organization to engage and utilize the collective knowledge and experiences of multi-disciplinary teams of physicians, nurses and other stakeholders to reduce non-value added services, improve patient outcomes and reduce unintended variability in clinical practice and coding. Using these methods to drive systemwide changes was initially met with some challenges. However, they are quickly becoming accepted and encouraged practices.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss supply chain and clinical data in a way that encourages physician and leadership engagement within the health system
  • Identify opportunities that differ from the traditional method of strategic sourcing by focusing on unintended variation and non-value-added services

Target audience

  • Supply chain professionals


  • Michael Darling RN, MS, CMRP
    Vice President
    Supply Chain
    Saint Luke's Health System
  • Katie Quigley, MHA
    Utilization/Variance in Practice Manager
    Saint Luke's Health System


  • Molly Zmuda, MHA
    Senior Networks Director