Tuesday, November 19, 2019


8 a.m. CT


2 days




CRP Certification

Achieving Highly Reliable Outcomes

Health care organizations are rapidly adopting ways to communicate with patients and families in an open, honest, and empathetic manner (CANDOR). There is a proven set of standard work that facilitates a highly reliable response to patient harm events, supporting patients, families and caregivers, mitigating further harm and improving outcomes. This open, honest empathetic communication and learning model can flourish in a PSO environment.

In this engaging, interactive program presented by the national Communication and Resolution Program (CRP) and high reliability experts, you will:

  • Learn how to respond to patient harm events using a CRP, and how these programs differ from a traditional claims management strategy (high level of openness and honesty)
  • Describe the standard work associated with each essential element of a CRP:
    • Event reporting
    • Support for patient, family and caregivers
    • Leadership and culture change
    • Leveraging focused problem-solving and management system
    • Communication (internal and external)
    • Financial and non-financial resolution
    • Disseminated sharing of patient safety lessons learned
    • Understand the relationship between HRO and CRP, and how transparency is critical to both

Program Faculty

  • Thomas H. Gallagher, MD
  • Timothy McDonald, MD, JD
  • Bradley J. Schultz, MBA


Registration: The course fee is $1,500 per person.

When multiple attendees from one organization register, please use the discount code 100 on the payment page. This code will take $100 off each registration.