Tuesday, February 13, 2018


2 p.m. Central


1 hour


The Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence 2018 Continuing Education Webinar Series

Evolution in pharmacy reimbursement is critical for stabilizing costs and providing fair margins for pharmacy sustainability, particularly in rural and underserved areas. Reductions in reimbursement are a complex and multifactorial problem, especially given inflation in the cost of generic drugs.

The two-part Understanding Drug Payment webinar sessions will address:

Part 1: Results Depend on Essential Basics: Navigating the Revenue Cycle

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2 p.m. Central

This webinar is for staff, new practitioners and clinicians will describe the basics of the financial aspect of health care and explain what is needed for the hospital to get paid appropriately for a drug.

Part 2: Can Clinicians Have an Impact on Drug Payment? Absolutely!

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2 p.m. Central

This webinar will discuss in more detail the 2018 changes to Medicare reimbursement and the challenges of meeting the requirements in specific practice settings. Effective methods for relaying information to health-system executives on the impact of drug therapies, drug expenses and patient outcomes, and ways to deal with rising pharmaceutical costs will also be covered.

Categories to receive continuing education credits for each webinar are: general, registered pharmacist, pharmacy technician.


Bonnie Kirschenbaum, MS, FASHP, FCSHP, is a freelance health care consultant with senior management experience in both the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacy sections of large corporate health care organizations and teaching hospitals. She has an interest in reimbursement issues and using technology to solve them. Kirschenbaum is widely recognized as an industry leader in forging effective alliances among hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and distributors, and has written and spoken extensively in these areas.

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