Wednesday, November 28, 2018


11:30 a.m. CT


30 minutes


Supply Chain Leadership Series

Improving patient care is the highest priority for health care organizations. Clinical supply integration is a strategy to achieve better patient outcomes, lowering the total cost of care and improving quality for an organization. In this program we outline the benefits and discuss critical success factors for organizations to implement a clinically integrated supply chain.


  • Teresa Dail, RN, BSN, CMRP, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Martin Lucenti, MD, PhD, Senior Principal, Vizient


  • Mike Duke, CMRP, Senior Director Networks, Vizient

Learning objectives

  • Define the concept of clinical-supply integration   
  • Describe the critical success factors to implementing a clinically integrated supply chain
  • List how a clinically integrated supply chain can benefit a health care organization’s cost, quality and outcomes

About the Supply Chain Leadership Series

The supply chain environment is continually evolving. To achieve excellence in supply chain management, supply chain leaders and hospital executives need access to education, tools and resources.

Vizient® is offering a Supply Chain Leadership continuing education webcast series, where you will hear industry experts and your peers discuss the latest supply chain management issues, trends and leading practices. Other topics include building collaborative relationships with organizational stakeholders, implementing innovative supply chain management processes and negotiating effective contracts and agreements.