Wednesday, May 16, 2018


11:30 a.m. CT


30 min.


Supply Chain Leadership Series

Vizient® offers a Supply Chain Leadership continuing education webcast series, where you will hear industry experts and your peers discuss the latest supply chain management issues, trends and leading practices. Other topics include building collaborative relationships with organizational stakeholders, implementing innovative supply chain management processes and negotiating effective contracts and agreements.

Part 5: How a Joint Commission Finding on Expired Products Grew Into a Remarkable Supply Chain and Nursing Partnership

In response to a Joint Commission finding, Oregon Health & Science University developed a robust, holistic program to drastically improve the management of expired products within clinical areas. What started as a challenging finding grew into a highly successful, cross-functional approach, including supply chain, nursing and quality-process improvement, that vastly improved supply chain reliability through a shared ownership model. Results included an 84 percent reduction in expired products, a 27 percent reduction in product stock-outs, a $120,000 decrease in inventory value, a 23 percent decrease in SKU reorders and most importantly and a renewed trust in supply chain performance.


  • Mike McCaffrey, MBA, Director of Logistics, OHSU
  • Mark Smith, Performance Improvement Consultant, OHSU


  • Mike Duke, CMRP, Senior Director, Member Networks, Vizient

Learning objectives

  • Apply a holistic approach to addressing a common Joint Commission finding of expired product in clinical areas
  • Formulate the potential areas of improvement to address such a complex problem within the health care environment
  • Describe the value and necessity of a shared ownership model between nursing and supply chain to address an issue as challenging as expired product