We're all different.

So are the providers that take care of us.


We are the nation’s leading health care performance improvement company.

Our membership brings together over half of all health care organizations across the U.S. From large integrated networks and academic medical centers, to community hospitals, pediatric facilities and non-acute providers.

 Our purpose? To strengthen our members’ pursuit of better care by aligning cost, quality and market performance.

Building tomorrow’s supply chain at UMass Memorial Health Care

It's not easy to modernize an industry that still runs on fax machines. How do you turn yesterday’s supply chain into today’s value driver? See how we’ve helped UMass Memorial to save $23.7 million in just three years.

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Finding more hours in the day at Yuma Regional Medical Center

Caring for a unique population, Yuma Regional Medical Center faced extra pressure to maximize its use of time. Can a process take fewer hours and still lead to better results?

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How data unlocks savings at University of Vermont Medical Center

There are savings hidden in every supply chain. How can data help you find them? Even in places you wouldn't expect? See how we’re helping the University of Vermont Medical Center save $3 million to $5 million a year.

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Creating a culture of change at New Hanover Regional Medical Center

How do you get ahead of industrywide trends? How do you cut costs at the same time as improving care? See how we helped engage 7,000 employees in a top-to-bottom transformation.

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Turning the tide of the opioid epidemic

Every physician sees the effects in their community. Yet many treatment protocols still call for opioids. Join our efforts to change 20 years of clinical culture. Let's rethink the paradigm of pain.

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Rules of engagement for clinical-to-supply integration

There are multiple factors in the health care equation. Saving supply chain costs is a vital priority. But when physicians and nurses are primarily focused on patient care, how do you balance the care piece of the equation to get maximum savings?