Vizient DataLYNX

Many health care organizations are told their item masters are full of “dirty data.” Combatting this problem requires a powerful item master management tool—Vizient DataLYNX™.

With Vizient DataLYNX, you can confidently monitor and manage your item masters to benefit core activities like standardization, value analysis and contract maximization.

Solution benefits:

  • Comprehensive support for prioritizing, improving and sustaining supply chain data
  • Quick identification of products for analysis and benchmarking
  • Landscape view of purchasing compliance with preferred supplier and product lists

Vizient DataLYNX subscribers enjoy more:

  • Benchmarked spend -5%
  • Products categorized with UNSPSC -2%
  • Items identified on contract-3%

Member successes

Saving the community hospital model

The combined effects of health care reform, increasing merger and acquisition activity and intense cost pressures are challenging independent, community hospitals to remain viable. The 21 member hospitals of the Independent Hospital Network Sourcing Group selected Vizient DataLYNX to respond to these shifting market dynamics threatening their existence.

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