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No matter where health care reform leads, most industry leaders agree that the old fee-for-service model is unviable. Based on a recent Vizient® member survey, 51 percent of hospital C-suite leaders believe the move to pay-for-performance is not only necessary, but critical to keeping a sustainable cost structure and, more importantly, delivering the best patient care. Hospitals must find new ways to leverage analytics and data to balance quality with cost, implement new care models to reduce clinical variation and optimize service line performance so patients receive the right care at the right time and the right place. Throughout the transition, three unique opportunities have emerged:

  • New reimbursement models and requirements demand a renewed and relentless focus on high reliability and safety
  • Advancements in technology have empowered clinicians and patients with increased access to information
  • The shift to increased risk has enabled new partnerships among payers, providers and government entities, within communities and across the continuum

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When every patient is unique, knowledge is powerful

Clinicians are at the forefront of efforts to deliver better patient care, working tirelessly to drive cost management, quality improvements and patient satisfaction and loyalty. At Vizient, analytics drive our insights, and our clinical experts know how to make clinical operational improvements to help organizations like yours deliver exceptional, cost-effective care – because we’ve been in your shoes.

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“The Hospital's Clear Path to Improving Care Delivery” provides industry trends and best practices to help hospitals improve their care delivery by balancing quality and total cost of care, reducing non-value-added clinical variation and optimizing service line performance. Explore the role of data and analytics in empowering physician champions and revitalizing a hospital's market position and purpose.


The Power of Transparency in Clinical Analytics

When clinical leaders, physicians and other decision-makers are presented with benchmarking and performance improvement opportunities compared with their peers, the stakeholders immediately question the data validity and comparisons. In order to trust the data, two critical questions must be answered. Explore how transparency in analytics (or lack thereof) can either accelerate or derail your organization’s performance improvement journey.

Talking to Your Clinical Staff About Resource Utilization

The Institute of Medicine estimates the scope of waste in the U.S. health care system at $765 billion per year. Since physicians' decisions are the highest drivers of variation in utilization and costs, it’s critical to gain physician alignment and engagement in efforts to manage costs. Discover how to engage clinicians in a holistic approach built on five fundamentals.

In the health care business, never let the business get in the way

of the care.

The business that makes care possible is enormously complex and demanding. Countless variables go into the care you provide every day. We call it Your Care Equation and we’re connecting the best knowledge and innovations across the industry to help you provide better care. And that’s what matters most.

It's time to solve Your Care Equation

Improve Care Delivery

The American health care system is rapidly changing, and the move towards value-based care is here. A “wait-and-see” approach is no longer an option: The pace is only accelerating. With each step along the continuum, health care executives and clinical leaders are challenged to balance quality with cost, do more with less and focus on value and outcomes instead of volume. Critical to the delivery of exceptional health care is the right clinical care given at the right time with the right team — putting processes in place that deliver consistent outcomes, in the most efficient way possible.