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For more than three decades, NOVAPLUS® has delivered the best value and quality on the most frequently purchased products and services. The NOVAPLUS portfolio is continuously expanding, including six services and more than 2,300 items in high-demand categories, including anesthesia, business products and services, diagnostic imaging, food, laboratory, medical, orthopedic, pediatric, pharmaceutical, respiratory and surgical.

Streamlined savings

Because our member health care organizations support the private label, NOVAPLUS manufacturers spend less on sales and marketing efforts. These savings are passed on directly to members, who realize average savings of 17 percent compared to manufacturer-branded products. Standardizing on NOVAPLUS items also enables members to eliminate redundant product codes, reduce purchase orders, minimize staff training and gain operational efficiencies.

Exceptional quality

From diverse and smaller companies to market-leading manufacturers, Vizient selects suppliers that produce quality products members can trust. NOVAPLUS items, which are identical to manufacturer-branded equivalents, are held to manufacturer and U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards for good manufacturing practices, plus Vizient high regulatory and quality assurance standards.

If your organization is a member of Vizient Children’s Hospital Association or Provista, please visit Marketplace | Procure for NOVAPLUS pricing and ordering information.

Learn more about the expanding NOVAPLUS portfolio by viewing our 2016-17 product catalog. Find quality items made by manufacturers you know and trust — all at significant savings.

If your organization is not a member and would like to enjoy the benefits of NOVAPLUS, please contact us at

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