Drive performance in your crucial service and supply chain

We specialize in helping our members gain greater control, cost efficiency and performance from their service and supply networks. Our supply chain optimization service provides robust consulting and management solutions. Improved price, utilization and overall supply efficiencies are driven through our expertise paired with proven technology, national benchmark data and more than 200 best practices.


Supply Chain represents approximately 20% of operating expense.

For health care organizations, supply and service spending is second only to labor as a major operating cost. New payment models are changing how supply-related activities are evaluated. Today, savvy health care leaders are taking a closer look at their supply chain. Our solutions for a better supply chain help you achieve operational efficiency, financial results and value analysis.

Operational efficiencies

We collect and manage crucial data from across the health care supply chain, analyze that information, then translate those insights into savings and improved performance.

Financial results

Vizient consultants assess organizations and supply networks, then work with members to refine behaviors, relationships and transactions. By focusing on margin and performance improvement, we help shape healthier top- and bottom-line results.

Value analysis

Value analysis is a major driver of cost reduction that is proven to save millions of dollars a year. An effective value analysis process drives better pricing and reduces processing, receipt and settlement errors, making your supply chain more efficient. Physician alignment and integration allows for improvements in standardization and utilization, resulting in additional savings.

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