Wednesday, May 15, 2019


11:30 a.m. CT


1 hour


Supply Chain Leadership Series

The supply chain environment is continually evolving. To achieve excellence in supply chain management, supply chain leaders and hospital executives need access to education, tools and resources.

Vizient® offers its Supply Chain Leadership continuing education webcast series, where you hear industry experts and your peers discuss the latest supply chain management issues, trends and leading practices. Other 2019 topics include building collaborative relationships with organizational stakeholders, implementing innovative supply chain management processes and negotiating effective contracts and agreements.

2019 Supply Chain Leadership Series - Part 5

Transforming Procurement through Strategy: Merging Clinical Value Analysis and Contracting Roles

Quite frequently, hospitals and health systems maintain contracting and value analysis as separate roles and functional areas. In today’s healthcare environment where clinicians are increasingly collaborating in if not leading supply chain initiatives – some providers are evolving their approach. Merging clinical value analysis and contracting roles is a strategy that enables value-based contracting, supports clinical and administrator stakeholders, aligns value analysis processes with sourcing optimization and improves contract compliance.